“I'd just like to note that I only had ONE non-Asian BIPOC professor during my five years at the school at MCS. That professor was Black and taught a class on the history of race relations in the Caribbean and the Americas. It was a small class but incredibly diverse, compared to almost all of my classes where I was the only non-Asian BIPOC. It was probably the only class I ever felt comfortable speaking up in.

We also discussed current race relations, one of them being Affirmative Action. Almost all of us were shocked that CMU didn't have it, because we had had it implied to us that it was the only reason we were there by so many others at the university. It would have been nice to have had more diversity in classrooms, both students and professors. An no, a weekend before we start our freshman year in which we meet the 100 other "diverse" students that we will hardly encounter again, due to our sheer lack of numbers, does not count. (I only remained friends with those I met there for a semester because we just never saw each other "naturally" and in such a high stress environment it became too much work to stay friends.)”

-Anonymous former student