The day I heard three white faculty members discuss “the black students” and how they felt that “the white middle-aged man is always the evil one,” was when I knew I no longer wanted to be a part of this institution. I became tired of the microaggressions, such as staff members asking me if I went to a private school in my home country because I was so well-spoken. I became tired of faculty members refusing to accept the criticism of their Eurocentric, whitewashed curricula. I became tired of leadership pretending they cared about diversity and inclusion, asking me for my input and then ignoring me completely. CMU has tired me out and caused me, and many others, to spiral into depression. This institution has to go through a major transformation and much of the leadership and faculty needs to be replaced before it continues to be praised for the technology and intellectual capital that continues to feed into the capitalist and racist agendas of the United States.

-Anonymous former staff and student