“This occurrence happened in the only string method course available at CMU. I took a restroom break and we were learning about endpins on cellos. I come back and [the professor] said he was just talking about me. He said “You can poke Asian tourists on the subway in New York City with these endpins.”
First of all, that's racist. Second of all, I’M HISPANIC!
It was rude and I didn't say anything and I sat down. I actually reported him to the Dean of Music 4 years ago now, and he has yet to receive consequences for his racist actions. It should be absolutely unacceptable and a firable offense to say things like that. To assume race, to make comments about race. In a class where I should have been eduated.
    Needless to say, I don't know anything about strings. Paid for a class in which I was offended and not educated. I can't believe we can report things and there are no consequences. Dennis Colwell [Head of the School of Music] should also be held responsible for this. [Professor’s name] should be fired!!!!”

-Anonymous former student