was rushing for sororities during my freshman fall semester. In visiting one of the houses, I was asked by a sister, "Where are you from?" Being an international student, I answered, thinking nothing of the question. She responded with, "Oh you're from India? That makes sense." I had no idea that the concept of a microaggression even existed until my friends told me it was insensitive.
    I reported it to the Council during my first night of the recruitment, and they assured me that they undergo training, but the second night, a very similar experience happened where another sister was surprised at how I studied English as my first language. Being part of my sorority today, I know that this disparity and ignorance still exists today. I saw NO visible consequences then. I was demotivated from joining a sorority then, and I found a community of truly amazing people at my sorority, but this culture exists in ALL the Greek houses at CMU. Doing training once a year IS NOT ENOUGH. Fining people who do not attend these sessions IS NOT ENOUGH. Being quiet is not enough. We need to be better as a community.

-Anonymous, CIT ‘22