“As a first gen student, a minority student, and a student with a rough upbringing, I am often treated as someone who is "different" or "less". I have had multiple friends of mine be told that they should not hang around "people like me" either because of my race, my financial background, or simply because my family has not been educated enough. Instead, these friends have told me that their families are disappointed in how they choose me as a friend, not because of anything I have done, but instead because of my background. "Why do you hang out with someone like him" they say? "Why don't you go hang out with someone with a wealthy and educated family"?
Why not someone white or asian and not someone whose skin tone is "dark and dirty"? This has not only occurred once. It is a multiple time occurence with multiple friends and sadly, I know I'm not the lone victim of this. I wish it was an issue that had only occured in one instance, however, it is not. I feel like it's a thing all over the university and upper education. People seem to want to act superior whether due to race, socioeconomic background or major and I feel like this is especially prevalent at our University in particular.”

                  - Anonymous (from Reddit)