“A former white friend, we’ll call her Stacy, was talking to me about how she got pulled over. She specifically started the conversation with ‘Yeah a cop pulled me over, he was Black [emphasized tone], and then gave me a ticket for [XYZ]’ and she continued on and then mentioned something about he was ‘taking out his aggression on her.’ When I brought up the fact that the race of the cop wasn’t relevant and her tone was inappropriate, she went on to describe to me how her wealthy white family have all experienced ‘racism’ in the form of Black cops always pulling them over and that they were discriminating against white people. This entire time, she kept implying Black cops were overly aggressive inherently and stating that they were racist for essentially not letting her and her family off scott free when they deserved tickets for obvious and common traffic violations (stop sign running, speeding, etc).”  

- Anonymous