“Town Halls are a PR stunt and useless. They basically take time and energy away from students affected by racism on the campus and want to express their grievances, only to give extra time to white admin to express how empathetic and sorry they are about racism that they’re not doing anything about. I cried in a Zoom Town Hall regarding COVID19 racism against Asians. I cried to them telling [them] how there are professors with racist perceptions of Asian students on campus. The end of the meeting concluded with a white woman saying, ‘Button Campaign to solve the racism!’ All the white admin clapped.
Holly [Hippensteel, Associate Vice President for Community Standards and Diversity Initiatives] followed up with me after the meeting, but I have yet to hear from her about my ideas for addressing this racism. The fact that I have to tell them how to solve these problems and they don’t listen when I do is messed up. Administrators like Holly show me that they only performatively care.”

- Anonymous